Dermal Irritancy Patch Testing (Human Test)

Dermal Irritancy Patch Testing (Human Test)

Dermatologically Tested Claim

For dermatologically tested product claims there are 2 types of dermal patch tests. These are carried out on human volunteers under dermatological conditions. Tests can be carried out on either normal or sensitive skin types.

Test 1: A simple 48 hour patch test. This is a simple assessment to ensure the product does not cause skin irritation following a single application, it is the most basic test we offer under Dermatological control.

Test 2: A HRIPT stands for repeat insult patch test, or a sensitisation test which supports a hypoallergenic claim. This testing is more intense and specific, it is conducted over 6 weeks and it not only checking the product causes no skin irritation on first application its repeat nature checks no delayed response or skin sensitation occurs. Products for this testing need to be formulated with this test plan in mind.

Dermal Irritancy Patch Testing (Human Test)

Patch Test: Single Closed Application

Title Dermal Irritancy Patch Testing (Human Test)
Objective To evaluate the ability of a product to keep in good condition the human body after a 24/48 hour single application under patch (skin compatibility)

Extended study for Repeat insult patch test.

Schedule Duration of the study: 3/4/5 days

Beginning: From 1 to 2 weeks upon receipt of the samples Report: 2 weeks after the end of the study

Methodology Clinical assessment of the cutaneous response
Number of Volunteers 20, 30 or 50
Skin Type Normal or sensitive skin
Procedure Skin examination of application site

Application of the product diluted/as supplied to the back/upper arm of subjects under occlusive or semi occlusive patch (depending on its composition and/or category or class of product)

Patch removal after 24/48 hour-contact with the skin

Skin examination of the application site at least 15 minutes-1h/24h/48h later