Stability Testing

Stability Testing

Stability Testing

It is mandatory for all cosmetic and personal care products to undergo a product and componentry stability testing procedure to test the aesthetics, functionality and package compatibility of your product before being placed on the market.

We offer custom and standard stability evaluation services for new formulations, finished products and new packaging compatibility. Our cosmetic stability tests assist you with product stability, packaging compatibility and long term storage an transportation conditions. These test results also support the period after opening symbol (PAO) for your product.

Stability TestingCosmetics Works cosmetic stability testing complies with the Cosmetic GMP requirements and ensures safety and quality in cosmetic and personal care products.

In our tests we take into account the latest guidelines on stability testing:

Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009

Guidelines on Stability Testing of Cosmetics – Colipa-CTFA, 2004

Fundamentals of Stability Testing (IFSCC Monograph No.2)

Our Stability, Stability Storage, Compatibility tests includes:

Product Stability

Package Compatibility

PAO-Period After OpeningFunctionality & Aesthetics

Testing properties- Appearance, colour, odour/fragrance, texture, pH, weight, ingredients

Stability Conditions

Real Time


Freeze-thaw cycles



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