Count On Cosmetic Works For All Your Cosmetic Testing Needs!

Cosmetic Testing Needs

Count On Cosmetic Works For All Your Cosmetic Testing Needs!

Cosmetics Works – Synopsis! 

Beauty Consultants in IrelandCosmetics Works was founded to meet the demands of large and small-scale businesses seeking to sell safe cosmetics in the EU and worldwide markets. We are an independent formulation and regulatory service provider that can easily manage all stages of your product development from concept to market. 

Our team of Ireland Beauty Consultants comprises cosmetic formulators, scientists, and toxicologists with backgrounds in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal care, nutrition, herbal medicine, safety testing, and risk assessments. We are cosmetic safety and risk assessors with extensive expertise and experience in all cosmetic creation, testing, and legislation elements.

Cosmetic Testing Needs

Specialization Areas of Cosmetic Works

  1. Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment in Ireland – Part A &/or Part B.
  2. Cosmetic Testing.
  • cosmetics Stability Testing in Ireland
  • Product Preservative Testing
  • Dermal Irritancy Patch Testing
  • ocular safety test for eye
  • Claims Support
  1. Cosmetic Base Products.
  2. Cosmetics Works Online Courses.

From our base in Dublin, Ireland, we proudly serve our clientele worldwide. With the help of our Cosmetic Beauty Consultants, our objective is to get our client’s cosmetic products to market as rapidly as possible. We work with contract manufacturing companies, independent small niche product developers, and fragrance companies. From single items to managing an entire product portfolio, we are accessible to assist distributors or responsible authorities as needed.

Here are a few reasons Cosmetic Works is an excellent partner for cosmetics testing.

  • Regulatory Compliance – We will work with you to ensure that all of the ingredients in your products are safe for human consumption. We may give ideas for enhancements to your product while also supporting you in achieving regulatory standards if you employ our cosmeceutical testing services.
  • Provides Room For Improvement – A chemical lab’s services are required for developing improved or new cosmetic products. Analyzing your current product inside and out allows you to propose what to add or eliminate to create a better offering.
  • Understand The Quality Of Chemical Substances – Cosmetic testing assists in determining the quality of your products’ components and ensuring end-user safety. Our product testing experts can offer remedies if a tested product has hazardous or lethal features.
  • Have A Detailed Composition Analysis – Cosmetic Works employs cutting-edge testing technologies to analyze data and give you confirmed findings swiftly. We evaluate the contents and offer accurate chemical composition information, allowing you to detect dangerous foreign compounds.

Last but not least!

To ensure the quality of your products, cosmetic testing is essential. At Cosmetics Works, we use pre-testing tools, well-trained scientists, and approved testing procedures to evaluate your products so you can identify the components and guarantee compliance with regulations. 

Our expert Beauty Consultants in Cosmetic Works crew is always happy to help if you are looking for cosmetic testing services in Ireland or the surrounding areas.

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